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Red Phoenix Exporium
Red Phoenix Exporium

50 Shades of Blue

Blue is set to be everyone's favourite hue for Spring/Summer 2014. From cheerful turquoise to classic navy the fashion runways are brimming with blue


The Pantone colour picks for Spring 2014 include dream Placid Blue offset by Dazzling Blue


While Vogue Magazine suggests wearing it head-to-toe to stay cool, calm and collected this summer!


All our favourite street style bloggers are sporting shades of blue. Gary Pepper Girl, as seen on Facehunter, looks gorgeous with electric blue accessories

 Gary Pepper Girl

Crashing Red pairs blue with white for a crisp summer look

Crashing Red

A pop of turquoise is perfect for summer as Styling You shows in our Fairest of the All necklace

Styling You

While Lady Melbourne gives a masterclass in rocking a bright blue tassel earring!

Lady Melbourne

Love the trend? Shop our 50 Shades of Blue edit now!

RPE Blue

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